All my ceramics are made by hand. I prepare the clay, work on the wheel (sometimes I use slab technique) and burn it at 980 Celsius for the Bisque phase. I create my own glazes, burn the ceramics again and apply my finishing touches, again by hand. I see ceramics as a craft and that is why each creation is a one-off and special artifact.
It’s a process, you have to wait between each phase to the next. The clay has it’s own pace you can not rush it. It takes a lot of attention, care and patience, but that is the beauty of this craft!
This medium joins 3 elements of nature– Earth, Water & Fire  – each has it’s on influence on the process, on becoming a pot.
There are many parameters that affect the final product: the weather, my hands, the type pf clay and glazing, even my mood and energy! This is how I treat my work, as something idiosyncratic and consistent with Slow-living. All these transform each artifact I make into a unique and perfectly imperfect useful work of art.