Welcome to my term and conditions.
This is everything I could think of but, mainly, please be aware that I am a one woman show operating the studio. I make, pack and send everything myself. There will be times when I'm slower than I’d like and I will occasionally make mistakes. I really appreciate patience and kindness. 

Return and refund policy

All the items made by GG05 Design are treated separately and there are no identical items. Also, from time to time I design new collections, using new types of clay and glazing. Therefore, I apologize but I cannot accept returns. The only case in which I accept returns is if I accidently shipped the wrong item. This only happens a couple of times a year, I'll do my best to ensure you are happy with the replacements or refunds.

Privacy policy

I respect your privacy and I'm committed to protecting your personal information. I accept any information that you provide voluntarily when subscribing to our newsletter (e.g. e-mail address and name) but this information will be used only for GG05 DESIGN marketing purposes or contact in case of a purchase. My site uses “Cookies” to help personalize your online experience. I may use them to collect, store and track information for statistical purposes to operate the site.

Shipping policy

preparing an order to ship

Ordered items take a maximum of 3-5 weeks to be ready to ship due to the creation process and the number of pre-orders they face when ordering. Thank you all for giving me time to do my work. I want the whole making process to be as ethical as possible with the most attention to the process, details and customer's expectations !

Domestic orders

Domestic orders are usually shipped within 4 business days and delivered within 7 business days (depending on the form of shipment mail/courier). Once the item is shipped you will receive an e-mail.

International orders

International orders are usually shipped within 5 business days. The date of delivery is determined according to the type of shipment. We work with external shipping companies so we can not take responsibility for delays associated with these companies. You are welcomed to contact us regarding inquiries and problems at shirleygelbergolan@gmail.com.

Pls be aware: the package may be liable to customs and other taxes.